It seems like it took forever but Home Inspectors will finally be required to be licensed in the state of Ohio. Previous Ohio Governor, John Kasich signed the bill into law in January 2019. As of April 2020, all rules, standards and guidelines for all home inspectors will be in place.

The state of Ohio is now the 31st state to require Home Inspectors to be licensed. The new law establishes a regulatory board that will adopt standards of practice, continuing education, license requirements and options for consumers to submit complaints. Below are some of the highlights:

  • Establishes a three-year license, with a requirement of 14 hours of continuing education annually.
  • Requires home inspectors to have 80 hours of pre-license education including classroom instruction, online instruction or in the field experience.
  • Law establishes a Home Inspector Recovery Fund. Consumers who obtain a final judgment against a licensed home inspector may seek payment from the fund (up to $40,000).
  • Law states that a real estate licensee is not required to provide a home inspector referral. However, should a real estate agent/broker choose to refer they must provide no fewer than three licensed inspector’s names.

All potential home purchasers can check their inspector license at the Ohio Department of Commerce Licensing Page. At the first drop-down box for Licence Number select “OHI” and then put in your inspector’s last name.

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Good luck out there. If you have any questions, contact HomeBuyer Advocate Mike.