How are our schools doing? Not too bad, according to the latest data from the State of Ohio Department of Education. All the public schools in the State of Ohio were given a “solid B” (effective rating) based on state tests results from the 2006-7 school years.

Small Report CardAll of our local central Ohio schools did fairly well in the latest test results. For the first time, all central Ohio school districts were rated a “C” or higher. The Columbus school district (central Ohio’s largest school district) improved to “continuous improvement” over “academic watch”.

The main web site for the Ohio Department of Education is a tremendous resource for statistics, data and information on our schools. If you like to review statistics and data then you will love this post. You can research every imaginable statistic (proficiency test results, enrollment, student disciplinary actions, attendance, graduation rates, etc.) that deals with your local school district.

Survey results from our clients have shown that the condition of the school system is always one of the homebuyers top “biggest fears” when buying a home.

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