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The Energy Policy Act of 2005 offers generous energy tax credits to consumers and businesses that purchase fuel efficient cars and/or energy efficient items for their home.  Small spread out moneyHomeowners can receive a tax credit up to $500.  Homeowners that purchase and install certain energy efficient products for their home such as; windows, exterior doors, heating and cooling systems,  water heaters, storm doors, insulation, etc. (see chart for more information) prior to the end of the year will be eligible for the tax credits.   The energy tax credit program is scheduled to end December 31, 2007.  So HURRY up and ACT now!  A tax credit is more beneficial than a tax deduction.   A tax credit reduces your actual tax amount due “dollar for dollar”.   A tax credit can provide substantial savings to the homeowner.  Click here for more information about tax credits from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).  Good luck and stop procrastinating.  Uncle Sam wants to give you money for going GREEN! 

Another great, informative web site to check out is the Energy Star Program.

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Forbes magazine recently posted a great article about housing trends in America, “Americas Most Stable Housing Markets”  The article ranks the Top 10 most stable housing markets in America.  The real estate market has been dreadful in the last year.  But, the good news is that  Columbus, Ohio  ranked  3rd on the list.  Even though the State of Ohio & central Ohio consistently rank very high on many of the recent foreclosure rankings list, our area has ALWAYS had a very, stable housing market.  One of the big advantages of living in central Ohio, even prior to the latest downturn in the real estate market, was our stable market.  We’ve almost always enjoyed a solid, decent appreciation rate without the wide volatility swings that many other areas in the nation experience.  

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Did you know that the “Do Not Call” list is expiring?  Don’t fret, most of us didn’t know either!

The National Do Not Call Registry was started 5 years ago (September 2002) to protect us from annoying telemarketer jerks and “phone spammers”.  The “Do Not Call” (DNC) list has been an extremely popular piece of legislation with the public.  Nearly half of the 140 million phone numbers in the DNC list were registered within months on the new law taking effect in September 2002.  Your phone number is only vaild on the DNC list for 5 years after you have registered.  You have to re-register every 5 years or your phone number will expire from the DNC list.

So take a few minutes to re-register all of your phone numbers (up to 3 phone numbers).  You can also register cell phone numbers.  In the past, fake email scams and bogus information circulated on the Internet that cell phone numbers would be under attack by telemarketers because cell phone numbers were exempt from the list.  This is totally FALSE.  Get the real scoop here: 

Please make sure all of your friends, family members and co-workers are aware of this information.  No one wants to start getting “bombarded” again with phone calls at dinnertime regarding lawn care specials, 20% discounts on duct work cleaning for the next 30 days and the “most popular” annoying telemarketing call of all time; how to save money on your long distance service.

Here are some “FAQ’s” that also might help you.

Good Luck!

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